Archive - Feb 2008

February 24th

Tempers flare

Wow, Hillary came out slugging today. "Shame on you Barack Obama!" she shouted at a rally in Rhode Island. Oh my!

Hillary was angry over some mailers the Obama campaign was sending out in Ohio. Although the mailers were factually accurate, it probably wasn't to Obama's credit that they were used. He doesn't have to pull down the statue of Hillary in the Democratic town square himself. It is about to fall over on its own.


I get a kick out of the last paragraph, more specifically the last line, in George Will's column this morning discussing McCain's vice-presidential options:

February 23rd

Science and the Bush administration

A couple of you have asked me to elucidate on the charge that the Bush administration has edited scientific reports for political ends. U. S. News and World Report weighs in. A concrete list of instances can be found here. A really complete list here. The experience of an actual scientist here.

That just can't be true

Here is a useful summary of the little firestorm that erupted yesterday on the internet over one of Obama's statements in the debate. Witness the sheer nastiness of the kneecappers who sit in their pajamas at home and knock soldiers who have the temerity to question the Pentagon line.

February 22nd

Caged animal

I have had a cold since Monday and I am getting sick of it. I was supposed to go to the Fargodome this weekend to man the booth at the Home and Garden Show, but last night was a bit rough and there is no sense pushing things. My throat is raw. Talking for six hours wouldn't make it better. So, brother Joe pinch hit for me, for which I am grateful.

However, I still feel guilt! My job at the nursery is to do the promotion! If I don't take care of that, just what do I do?

Obama's real task

Cousin Loren forwards this article in Newsweek which says it much better than I could. Make sure to read on to the second page.

What has already been accomplished

Although I am partial to Barack Obama, the presidential field has been reduced to three candidates, all of whom are superior to the present Oval office occupant. In January of next year, whoever who takes office is likely to immediately take steps to end some of the more offensive policies of the Bush administration. Specifically:

Q and A

A weblog reader asks, "What does Obama stand for and what do you see him accomplishing as our next president?"

What attracted me to Obama from the time he ran for the U. S. Senate four years ago was his ability to draw rural, white voters, even those in southern Illinois. That told me he was something different. Since that time, I have kept an eye on him and have been repeatedly impressed.

February 21st

Debate end

I watched the end of the debate, and there came a most interesting moment. Hillary gave her valedictory remark, and it was a good one. She talked about the people she'd met in the campaign and said, "so, no matter what happens in this campaign, we'll be all right."

The crowd roared. I think it was, as David Gergen said afterwards, her most human moment since the tears in New Hampshire. In fact, I think it was the highlight of her campaign.

Back to the debate

After I hung up with Aunt Olla, Uncle Rolly called to say that Obama appeared to be doing pretty well in the debate. I was surprised to hear that Hillary brought up the stupid plagiarism issue. It isn't something that is going to make her look very good.

So, I tuned back in. Actually, Obama is looking pretty confident. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the next few days.